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Ceramic vase for small bouquets from Flowers-Bangkok. Adding a ceramic flower vase to your order allows you to keep the freshness of the flowers in the bouquet even in some problematic situations (for example, when the recipient of flowers is temporarily absent from the workplace or in a residential condominium during delivery and asks us to leave the bouquet at the reception or at the Juristic office until the evening ). In such cases, a ceramic water vase will be an additional guarantee that by the time the bouquet is received, the flowers will be as fresh as immediately after the creation of the bouquet by the florists of our flower shop in Bangkok. Our ceramic vases have a good decorative effect. Therefore, after the end of the life cycle of the bouquet, such a colored ceramic vase will be a good decoration for any residential or office space.
Please note that each of the variants of this ceramic vase is unique. With the same shape and the same size, the appearance of a ceramic vase will be slightly different. As you can see in the photos, we can add a colored ceramic vase with more white or a darker color to your order. If you have specific preferences – please write about it in the comments to the order. In other cases, our florists will add a ceramic vase in a random color of their choice.

*The vase cannot be sold without a bouquet from Flowers-Bangkok

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