Custom Bouquet of Roses

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On this page you can create your own bouquet of roses. To do this, you can choose the number and color of roses, the type of green filler, the color of the wrapper, add a ceramic vase to keep the bouquet fresh for a long time, as well as the famous Ferrero Rocher chocolates. Please note that some components of the bouquet are mandatory, while others you can add at your request or refuse them.
Custom Bouquet of Roses usually takes more time to prepare and we recommend ordering a custom Bouquet of Roses for delivery tomorrow or the next days.

Roses - Main color
Add any number of fresh premium roses to your bouquet. The cost of 1 flower may vary depending on the color and supplier.
Roses - Additional color (optional)
If you want to add a few roses of the second color to the bouquet. please use this option.
Roses - Additional color 2 (optional)
If you want to add several roses of the third color to the bouquet, please use this option.
Green Filler
Seasonal green filler for a bouquet. Gives contrast and volume to a flower bouquet. You can choose 1 green filler from several options.
Bouquet Wrapper color
Here you can choose the color of the wrapper for your bouquet. When choosing the Random option, a bouquet wrapper according to the taste of our florist will be used.
Sweet Gift
Large box (375g) of delicious chocolates from the premium brand Ferrero Rocher
Basic Price
This category includes the general expenses for the creation and delivery of a bouquet (the work of our florists, taxes to the treasury, payment for courier delivery in Bangkok and other expenses).
General expenses - Flower Delivery Bangkok
1 × Basic price of custom bouquet

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