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Tulips are very popular flowers in floristry. Red and white, yellow and pink, lilac and orange tulips look modest and solemn at the same time. In many countries, tulips are considered exclusively spring flowers, because it is after the end of winter that they bloom in gardens and flower beds. However, modern growing technologies and import deliveries make it possible to order tulips with delivery in Bangkok at almost any time of the year.

At the same time, bouquets of tulips always turn out to be tender and elegant, give joy and good mood. The shape of the tulips is almost perfect. This is a large and bright flower, the collected petals of which resemble a heart. The flower is located on a long elegant green stem with oblong green leaves. This makes tulips very decorative and allows you to create bouquets even from a very large number of flowers of one or more shades.

Most varieties of tulips have a very pleasant and persistent aroma. And the main feature of tulips is that these flowers continue to grow even when cut. For this, not only water from the vase is used, but also its own reserves, which are stored in the stem and leaves. As a result, even in a vase, tulip petals may increase slightly in size.

Who can you give a bouquet of tulips to?

Tulips are more delicate and fragile flowers than roses, so most often tulip bouquets are a gift for girls and women. The reason for such a gift can be personal holidays (for example, a birthday or an anniversary of acquaintance), as well as all professional and official holidays. There are no age restrictions for tulips, so a bouquet of such flowers is equally well suited for both little girls and grandmothers. The versatility of tulips allows you to use these flowers not only as gifts, but also for decorating rooms.

The meaning of tulips in the language of flowers

Once upon a time, tulips cost a fortune and were considered one of the symbols of fabulous wealth and luxury. Therefore, until now, one of the main meanings of a bouquet of tulips is a wish for wealth, success, joy and happiness. At the same time, tulip buds, like roses, can have many shades and each of them has its own meaning in the language of flowers.

To make it easier for you to choose the right shade of tulips, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with our small memo for this type of flower. We also remind you that on the pages of our flower shop in Bangkok you can find a more detailed description of each bouquet and choose the most suitable one for a particular situation.

Bouquets of white tulips are usually associated with purity, fidelity and happiness in love. You can order such flowers as a gift for the bride or on the day of the wedding anniversary, as a gift for a sister, mother or grandmother. White tulips are a symbol of goodness and peace, so a bouquet of white tulips can be the best choice when you want to apologize and ask for forgiveness.

Red tulips are able to convey your passion and the ardor of your feelings. In this sense, red tulips are very similar to red roses, a well-known symbol of love. At the same time, red tulips are a more delicate gift, combining not only passion, but also tenderness. A bouquet of red tulips will also be appropriate as a gift for any official occasion or as a gift for a colleague or boss. In this case, it will symbolize your respect and best wishes.

Pink tulips are a symbol of youth, tenderness and grace. Bouquets of pink tulips are often given at the beginning of a romantic relationship, as well as in cases of platonic love. As a rule, the freshest pink tulips with unopened buds are used for such bouquets. Opening later in a vase, pink tulips seem to say to the recipient of the bouquet: “Look into my heart.” Pink tulips are often used as a gift on the occasion of the birth of a child, as well as a friendly gift for girls from close friends for any occasion.

Bouquets of yellow tulips symbolize joy and happiness, health and wealth, trust and friendship. Such flowers will be a good gift in situations when you want to support a loved one, wish him good health or recovery, demonstrate your loyalty and care. A bouquet of yellow tulips will be a good gift for creative people (artists, singers, musicians), because it is a symbol of success, recognition and glory. Also, yellow tulips are often added to business bouquets to create a positive mood.

Lilac and purple tulips are another symbol of friendship, intimacy and fidelity. A bouquet of such flowers is a sign of deep respect for the recipient or his merits. Lilac and purple tulips will be appropriate for any anniversary or other celebration. Such a bouquet can be the best symbol of recognition of a person’s genius or his extraordinary talent. Often, lilac and purple tulips are added to multi-colored tulip bouquets to give them depth and luxury.

All tulips have large green leaves that look very contrasting against the background of bright inflorescences. For this reason, it is not customary to add additional green filler to tulip bouquets. Our florists decorate tulip bouquets for delivery in Bangkok with bright gift wrapping and colored ribbon. And we will place all your wishes to the recipient on our branded greeting card for free.