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The gorgeous appearance and pleasant aroma have made lilies one of the most beloved flowers for florists around the world. Lily bouquets have a very bright, graceful and romantic look, so they can be a versatile gift for any occasion. A very important advantage of lilies is their excellent combination with other flowers. This allows you to create very beautiful and original flower arrangements. But even the simplest bouquets of lilies of the same color do not leave indifferent any lady. It is no coincidence that for many centuries this flower was considered royal and was depicted on the coins and coats of arms of some states.

Lilies in the language of flowers

Lily flowers have been known to people for over 3700 years and for many centuries lilies in the language of flowers have been a symbol of purity, chastity, nobility, valor and luxury. In the late Middle Ages, the lily was considered a symbol of power and greatness, and a little later – a symbol of thieves and dissolute women. However, in our time, bouquets of lilies have retained only their positive meaning, and you can not be afraid that a bouquet of these flowers will somehow offend your beloved girlfriend or wife. Like many flowers, the color of the lilies in the bouquet also matters. For example, it is better to give bouquets of yellow lilies as wishes of health, good luck, wealth and longevity. It is also a symbol of your deep trust in the person to whom we deliver flowers in Bangkok.

Bouquets of white lilies are an excellent gift for a wedding, because they are the ones that best personify purity and purity. Also, white lilies will be a good friendly gift for men and women and a bouquet as a sign of gratitude to someone, because they also symbolize kindness, honesty and mercy. If you have romantic feelings for the recipient of the bouquet, choose pink lilies, which will be a symbol of your sincere tenderness. A bouquet of red lilies will tell about the depth of your passion and your strong desire to fully possess your partner.

Features of bouquets of lilies

Lilies are versatile flowers. They can be both the basis of a bouquet and an addition to other popular flowers. Lilies go well in bouquets with roses, orchids and chrysanthemums. When choosing a bouquet, you should remember that white lilies have the greatest aroma and not all girls like this strong aroma. The aroma of lilies of other flowers is less pronounced. With proper care, a bouquet of lilies retains its beauty for about a week. It is important to remember that lily stamens gradually shed pollen, which can stain clothes or tablecloths. All bouquets of lilies that you can see in the window of our flower shop are available for ordering and delivery on the same day if the order is paid before 3 pm.