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In this category you will find our creative mixed flower bouquets. The use of several types of flowers in one bouquet is a well-known technique of florists, which allows you to make a bouquet more unique and colorful. In our Bangkok flower shop, you can order a variety of mixed flower bouquets, which are the perfect gift for any occasion. Our professional florists carefully select flowers for such bouquets.

As a result, bouquets of mixed flowers look good and give only positive emotions, show your love, care and gratitude to the recipient. And all types of flowers in the bouquet and the green filler harmoniously coexist with each other in a vase and can please the recipient of flowers in Bangkok for a long time.

Not always with the help of a bouquet of roses, gerberas or lilies, you can show the whole gamut of feelings and emotions for your loved one, your good attitude towards him. Therefore, bouquets of mixed flowers come to the rescue. In such bouquets, different flowers have their own meaning.

Our flower shop and flower delivery service in Bangkok offers you several types of mixed flower bouquets:

Bouquets of mixed flowers of the same color.

Such bouquets allow you to save the mood of the bouquet and its main meaning. For example, mixed bouquets of flowers in red, pink or white. Such bouquets in our flower shop include red roses with red carnations or gerberas, pink roses with pink lilies or eustoma, white lilies with white roses and others.

Bouquets of mixed flowers of two types and different colors.

In such bouquets, different types of flowers are used, which at the same time have a different color. For example, red roses with white chrysanthemums or white roses with blue hydrangeas.

Bouquets of flowers of the same species, but different colors.

In our flower shop you can find such bouquets in a separate category Mixed color. In such bouquets there is one type of flowers of different colors. Among our bestsellers in this category are white and red rose bouquets, pink and white rose bouquets, and colorful gerberas and orchids bouquets.

Bouquets of a large number of types of flowers and colors.

These are the most colorful bouquets offered by our flower delivery service in Bangkok. Such bouquets are the most difficult for florists in terms of choosing the right flowers and their correct arrangement in the bouquet. In our flower shop in Bangkok, you can order a variety of such bouquets, each of which has its own characteristics, and you will surely be able to choose the bouquet that you and the recipient of your flower gift will like.

Bouquets of mixed flowers on order.

If you did not find the bouquet you would like to order in our flower shop, just tell us what flowers you would like to see in the bouquet or send us a photo of the finished bouquet, which you can find in another store or on the Internet. Our managers will contact you and tell you the price of such a bouquet. And after ordering, our experienced florists will create a bouquet in accordance with your wishes or based on your picture.

We remind you that any bouquet you order in our flower shop in Bangkok includes free delivery within the city. Delivery to the suburbs of Bangkok and the nearest neighboring provinces is also possible for a small surcharge. We are always happy to welcome you to our flower shop and are always happy to fulfill your new order for flower delivery in Bangkok.