Flower delivery on the birthday of your loved one, relative, colleague or friend is one of the best gestures you can make even when you are in another city or another country. A beautiful bouquet of flowers without further ado will show that you value the birthday person, remember this person and this person is truly special for you. Flower delivery in Bangkok has long been a traditional birthday gift for locals as fresh flowers and flower bouquets play a very important role in Thai culture. Also a bouquet of fresh flowers is no less pleasant gift for foreigners who celebrate their birthday in Thailand.

Features of birthday bouquets in Bangkok

The bouquets that we deliver in Bangkok and its suburbs as a birthday present are distinguished by the maximum variety in the type of flowers and their color. By tradition, the most popular bouquets are roses. If you cannot decide on the color of the bouquet, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the basic information about the meaning of roses of a particular color on the page in the category Rose delivery in Bangkok. We also try to give recommendations in a detailed description for each bouquet about which situation this bouquet will be optimal for. Alternatively, you can choose bouquets that are created immediately using mixed roses. Such bright bouquets will be an uncommon gift and will show the versatility of your feelings for a person.

In addition to premium roses, which we use to create bouquets, gerberas, lilies and sunflowers are very popular. Also, bouquets in which several types of flowers are present at the same time are great as a birthday present. You can find such bouquets in the Mixed Flowers category. In order for a bouquet of fresh flowers that we deliver in Bangkok to convey your feelings and wishes as much as possible, during the checkout process, you can leave a message for the recipient, and we will post it on a branding greeting card for free. And so that your gift will delight not only the soul, but also the body, we recommend adding a small sweet gift to your birthday bouquet. Ferrero Rocher chocolates will be an excellent choice, because the packages of these chocolates contain from 300 to 375 grams and this amount is enough even to treat the friends of the recipient of your bouquet.

Birthday flower delivery features

Unlike some holidays with a date that changes every year, a person’s birthday is only once a year and always on the same day. This means that you have the opportunity to order a bouquet for a birthday in advance. We accept orders for flower delivery in Bangkok already 60 days before delivery. The best option is to order a bouquet a few days before the delivery date. At the same time, we are a local flower shop and offer same day flower delivery if the order is paid before 3 pm local time. Of course, in this case, you can no longer choose a morning delivery time of this day. In some cases, after consulting with the managers, you can order and pay a bouquet even at a later time (after 3 pm) and we will deliver the bouquet on the same evening as quickly as possible.