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CHRYSANTHEMUM bouquets - Flower Delivery Bangkok

Chrysanthemums Bouquets – Flower Delivery Bangkok

Chrysanthemums are among the five most popular flowers in the world. Bouquets of these flowers can be gifted for almost any occasion. The native land of chrysanthemums is Japan, where these flowers are the national symbol of the country. For a long time, chrysanthemums were a symbol of imperial power and are still depicted on the cover of Japanese passports, on coins and on major state awards. However, the name of chrysanthemum, which we are accustomed to, was given later. Translated from Greek, the name of this plant means “Golden Flower”. This is due to the fact that chrysanthemums were originally exclusively yellow flowers. But today, thanks to the work of breeders, you have the opportunity to order a bouquet of chrysanthemums in a large number of colors and shapes.

Chrysanthemums in the language of flowers

Chrysanthemums are a recognized symbol of nobility, courage, honor, wisdom and happiness. Chrysanthemum bouquets can be the best choice for a friendly gift, because they mean joy, fun, sincere friendship. For this reason, you can order the delivery of chrysanthemum bouquets in Bangkok for your colleagues, boss, teacher, relatives and male friends. At the same time, with the help of chrysanthemum bouquets, warmer feelings can be expressed.

– Yellow chrysanthemums will tell the recipient of the bouquet about your tender feelings. These flowers can be a declaration of love and a great gift for women and men.

– A bouquet of red chrysanthemums is a declaration of love, a good choice as a gift for a wife or girlfriend with whom you have a serious relationship.

– A bouquet of white chrysanthemums will be a symbol of your sincerity, loyalty and purity of your intentions. A large bouquet of white chrysanthemums is a good wedding gift.

– It is customary to give bouquets of pink chrysanthemums to young girls. It can be both bouquets with romantic overtones, and a bouquet for the birthday of your sister, another young relative or young girlfriend.

– Purple and lilac chrysanthemums in a bouquet are a great gift for your closest friends.

– Orange and brown chrysanthemums will also be a good choice when you want to order a bouquet delivery for a man, regardless of the occasion.

Features of chrysanthemum bouquets

Chrysanthemums are very beautiful flowers, but their appeal and beauty is not pretentious and dominant. This allows florists to create the most incredible compositions from chrysanthemums of different colors. Chrysanthemums go especially well with roses. These can be both bouquets of a certain color and multi-colored bouquets (for example, white chrysanthemums with red roses or pink chrysanthemums with white roses). Unlike the premium roses that we use to create bouquets, chrysanthemums do not have very long stems. Therefore, bouquets of chrysanthemums and bouquets of chrysanthemums with roses have a lower height. Typically, chrysanthemums are just over 30 cm (1 ft) long.

Flowers-Bangkok uses a large number of varieties and colors of chrysanthemums, and these flowers have some seasonality. Therefore, the color of the flowers in the bouquet and the shape of their petals may differ slightly from the photo of the bouquet in the store. Especially when you order chrysanthemums of rare colors. At the same time, we try to achieve maximum compliance in cases where your order is not for delivery on the same day and our florist has time to find or order the desired flowers from our suppliers. You can always check the availability of certain chrysanthemums for same day flower delivery in Bangkok in our support service.