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All roses are beautiful flowers that for many centuries have played an important role in expressing feelings and emotions between friends and lovers. The value of one or another bouquet of roses depends not only on the color of the flowers, but also on their number in the bouquet. Below is a list of generally accepted values ​​of bouquets of roses, depending on their color.

Red roses. These flowers are the most famous symbol of love. A bouquet of red roses speaks of a deep sense of love and affection. This is more than a light flirt or a hint of what a person you like. Red roses – a real passion and desire to be together. A bouquet of 12 red roses in most countries of the world is a symbol of strong love. Perhaps that is why such a bouquet is a real bestseller of our store, and all the girls and women who receive such a bouquet are truly happy to receive it. You can also give red roses when you want to express your respect or admiration for a person.

White Rose. Famous symbol of purity and tenderness. A bouquet of white roses makes it possible to say without further ado that your feelings are bright and sincere, that your love is not only a temporary passion, but also time-tested feelings. A bouquet of white roses is a traditional gift for the wedding and birthday of loved ones.

Pink roses. Depending on the shade, a bouquet of pink roses may have a different meaning. For example, light pink roses talk about sympathy and hint at the desire to start a relationship. And if the color of roses is deeper and darker, closer to the cherry color, then such a bouquet can be used to express gratitude in all other cases when the bouquet is not required to express love feelings. Therefore, you can safely order bouquets of pink roses for birthdays, anniversaries, professional holidays and other joyful events.

Mixed bouquets of roses. Sometimes there is not enough one color of roses to express the whole gamut of your feelings. Or you may think that single-colored bouquets are too simple. In such cases, we recommend ordering a bouquet of roses of several shades. First of all, it is a bouquet of white and red roses, which symbolizes unity and suggests that two people are one.

As a rule, we deliver bouquets of roses in a special bright wrapper with a ribbon to match the colors. Also in the bouquet for contrast will be added fresh green leaves. We remind you that flower delivery in Bangkok when ordering in our store will be free for you.

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