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Sunflower bouquets are very popular in our flower shop because they are versatile flowers available at any time of the year. Moreover, like any other flowers, sunflower bouquets have a certain meaning. The information on this page will help you choose the right sunflower bouquet and make sure that such a bouquet can be a really good choice in your situation.

Sunflowers in the language of flowers

In the language of flowers, sunflowers mean optimism and love of life. In addition, yellow and orange sunflowers symbolize health, luck, and wealth. Therefore, these positive flowers that resemble the sun are universal. There is a misconception that it is customary to give sunflower bouquets only to men. However, this can only be true for bouquets that girls and women order for a boyfriend or husband. In this case, a bouquet of sunflowers means “You warm my heart.”

In fact, you can always order such a bouquet for a female representative of any age. But in this case, it is important to understand that a bouquet of sunflowers for a girl is more a manifestation of platonic love than romantic feelings. Sunflower bouquets are great for congratulating friends of any gender and age, for the birthday of relatives or colleagues. This is one of the best options when you want to gift a bouquet to a creative person. You can get more information in the description for each specific sunflower bouquet in our flower shop.

Feature of sunflower bouquets

There are certain rules for decorating sunflower bouquets. It is not customary to wrap these flowers in bright colored packaging and use bright ribbons for additional decoration. Bright flowers of sunflowers should be the center of the whole composition and nothing should distract from it. Therefore, the florists of the flower shop Flowers-Bangkok use only light white or beige craft paper, and a decorative rope is usually used instead of a bright ribbon. In addition to flowers of sunflowers, our florists add a contrasting green filler to the bouquet.

We only use fresh yellow or light orange sunflowers. After flower delivery in Bangkok to the recipient, the flowers of the sunflower become larger – under the sun’s rays the flowers open wider. With simple but proper care, a bouquet of sunflowers will delight the recipient for about 2 weeks. This requires changing the water in the vase every 1-2 days, as well as regularly pruning the stems (at an angle) during the water change. We also recommend not to leave a vase with a bouquet of sunflowers for a long time in a dry and hot room. It is better to place the bouquet in an air-conditioned room, but not in direct streams of cold air.