Bouquets For Men from Flowers-Bangkok

Choosing the right flower bouquet for a man is not easy. And in general, there is a certain stereotype that it is customary to give flowers exclusively to girls and women. In reality, there are many reasons to please your beloved man, relative or colleague with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Birthdays and anniversaries are the most popular occasions. But there are categories of men for whom bouquets of flowers are the most common and traditional gift. For example, a bouquet for your favorite singer, actor, musician or teacher at school or university.

At the same time, a bouquet of flowers can be both an independent gift and an additional one. Regardless of the occasion, with a bouquet of flowers for a man, you show your care and respect for this man. Even when you can’t be there at such a moment and ordered flower delivery for a man in Bangkok.

What bouquets are usually given to a man

Nowadays, there are no hard and fast rules about what flowers to give a man. Flowers have long become a universal sign of attention, and gender boundaries for gifts are increasingly blurred. At the same time, you can use some of the recommendations of the florists of our flower shop in Bangkok to choose the right and successful bouquet for a man.

Bouquet size. Flowers for men don’t have to be romantic, even if you’re giving a bouquet to a boyfriend or husband. Therefore, small bouquets will definitely be the wrong choice and will look out of place in men’s hands.

Bouquet color. You should choose flower arrangements that are based on simple, bright and saturated colors (even if we are talking about a bouquet of mixed flowers). The right choice is bouquets of yellow, blue, red, orange, green, white or burgundy flowers. But it is better to refuse bed shades: it is better not to order bouquets of pink, cream, light blue, light lilac or pale orange for men.

Flowers size. Bouquets with large flowers seem more solid, so as a gift for men, choose bouquets without green filler in the form of small flowers. A good choice is sunflower bouquets, large gerberas or premium roses with large buds. Again, bouquets of such flowers are larger and this also matters for the appearance and solidity of your gift.

Aroma of a man’s bouquet. Many women prefer bouquets of flowers that have a strong natural scent. However, men would prefer to receive flowers without a strong smell as a gift. For this reason, some types of lilies and tulips are best not used for men’s bouquets.

Use our tips and choose flower bouquets for men with free shipping in Bangkok in our store. Then you can be sure that your gift will be very pleasant and memorable.