Sweet Gratitude flower box


Surprise your cherished mother with a delightful flower gift from Flowers-Bangkok, the premier flower shop in Bangkok. Our small flower box, thoughtfully arranged with fresh blue and white roses, a captivating blue hydrangea, a splendid blue tulip, and a seasonal green fill in white, also features the enchanting oxypetal blue flowers. Oxypetal blue, with its unique name and mesmerizing hue, symbolizes harmony and peacefulness, making it a perfect addition to this heartfelt bouquet. In Thailand, blue flowers hold a special significance as they represent serenity, tranquility, and everlasting love. As Mother’s Day approaches, there couldn’t be a more fitting present to express your gratitude for all the love and care she has bestowed upon you. The blue hues in this exquisite bouquet reflect the endless skies, mirroring the boundless affection and admiration you hold for your mother. With its elegant blue ribbon, this flower box not only exudes beauty but also comes with free shipping anywhere in Bangkok. Show your love with this stunning arrangement, featuring the captivating oxypetal blue, and let Flowers-Bangkok be your trusted choice for the perfect Mother’s Day surprise.

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At Flowers-Bangkok, we take immense pride in crafting meaningful flower arrangements that speak volumes without uttering a word. Our Sweet Gratitude flower box is an embodiment of thoughtfulness and artistry. Our experienced florists, with their years of expertise, have meticulously combined premium imported roses in shades of fresh blue and white, alongside a mesmerizing blue tulip and the enchanting oxypetal blue flowers. Each element in this bouquet carries its own symbolism, making it a captivating gift of appreciation. Blue roses hold a profound meaning of mystery and attaining the impossible, while blue tulips symbolize deep trust and loyalty. The inclusion of oxypetal blue flowers adds an extra layer of significance, representing harmony and calmness. Such a bouquet makes a perfect gift to express your sincere appreciation to anyone who has touched your life with their unwavering support and loyalty.

At Flowers-Bangkok, we strive for excellence not only in our creations but also in our services. With our commitment to delivering the freshest premium roses, you can trust that your chosen bouquet will be a display of sheer elegance and beauty. As the leading flower shop in Bangkok, we offer free delivery to any area within the city, making it convenient for you to surprise your loved ones no matter where they reside. Additionally, we extend our services beyond Bangkok, with the possibility of delivering to suburbs and neighboring provinces for a small surcharge. To ensure same-day delivery, simply place your order and make the payment before 14:00, and leave the rest to us. Let Flowers-Bangkok be your partner in conveying your heartfelt appreciation through the language of flowers, featuring the captivating symbolism of oxypetal blue alongside the alluring blue roses and tulips.


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