Blue Roses

For many years, fresh rose bouquets have been a classic choice for men all over the world who want to show their feelings to women or congratulate them on some important event. However, among all types of roses, there are very unique ones that make the most vivid impression on women. We are talking about blue roses, which are becoming more popular every year. Moreover, more than 95% of women have never received roses of this color as a gift, and this will make your gift even more unusual and memorable.

Features of blue roses

Despite many years of efforts by breeders, there are still no varieties of natural blue roses. This means that all blue roses – from light blue to dark blue – are made by florists using a special technology. As a rule, special floristic dyes are used for this, which color the buds blue, but do not affect the freshness of the flowers after cutting. To create blue roses, the freshest white or pale cream roses with unblown buds are traditionally used (so that the colored flower retains its freshness for a long time). Flowers naturally absorb the dye dissolved in water and gradually turn blue. At the same time, blue roses do not lose their natural light aroma and do not have a chemical smell.

Who to give blue roses to

Blue roses are rare and unusual flowers, so they symbolize mystery, admiration and uniqueness. A bouquet of blue roses presented by a man shows his deep feeling and that he considers his girlfriend or wife as unique and inimitable as blue roses. Also, these flowers symbolize peace, determination and deep trust between the recipient of the bouquet and the person who gives it. Finally, bouquets of blue roses are often presented to creative people, celebrities and extraordinary people. Of course, bouquets of blue roses are not a gift for every day. Due to the long manufacturing process, the use of special dyes and the need for careful selection of flowers suitable for coloring, the cost of blue roses is almost twice as high as the price of red, white or pink roses. But the impressions of receiving such a bouquet will certainly be much brighter!

Delivery of blue roses in Bangkok

Blue roses are not a product of the mass market, so our flower shop makes bouquets of blue roses to order for a specific customer. Due to this, delivery of blue roses on the same day is not possible. We accept orders for the delivery of blue roses in Bangkok 2 days in advance, but in some cases this period may be shortened, and we can deliver the bouquet the next day if you made an order early in the morning the day before. If you want to know the exact minimum period that is required for the production and delivery of a bouquet, please contact our managers by email or live chat on the store’s website.

In all other respects, the delivery of blue roses in Bangkok does not differ from the delivery of any other bouquets of our store. We offer free flower delivery in Bangkok and delivery to the suburbs and neighboring provinces for a small additional charge (from 149 thb to 199 thb). The cost of any bouquet of blue roses includes a branded greeting card, on which our florist will hand-write your message to the recipient and your name. You can add this information on the checkout page. Enjoy your shopping and vivid impressions!

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