Vivid Blossoms bouquet

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Vivid Blossoms bouquet from Flowers-Bangkok. This truly vibrant multicolor bouquet features lots of fresh, vibrant flowers. Our florists use fresh imported roses (white, red, yellow or orange), large and lush carnations of the brightest colors, a branch of delicate hydrangea, cheerful gerberas and some other flowers (eustoma, gypsophila). The combination of such a large number of flowers and colors makes the Vivid Blossoms bouquet a truly striking gift for a birthday or anniversary, a gift for a creative person, as well as a gift for your loved one without any reason. The bouquet is gift wrapped and includes a greeting card with your message. You can see the actual size of the bouquet in the gallery of this product.

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Vivid Blossoms bouquet from Flowers-Bangkok, a stunning embodiment of vibrant colors and fresh blooms curated to enchant and uplift. Crafted by our skilled florists in Bangkok , this bouquet is a celebration of nature’s hues, perfect for any occasion. This captivating arrangement features an array of meticulously selected flowers, including imported roses in shades of white, red, yellow, or orange, symbolizing purity, love, joy, and enthusiasm respectively. Large and luscious carnations, bursting forth in the brightest of colors, convey admiration and fascination, while a delicate branch of hydrangea adds a touch of grace and elegance.

Adding to the exuberance are cheerful gerberas, known for their cheerful demeanor and symbolic representation of innocence and purity. Complementing this ensemble are accents of eustoma and gypsophila, enhancing the bouquet’s charm and allure (some flowers in the bouquet can be replaced with similar ones while maintaining the volume and cost of the bouquet). The symbolism embedded within each bloom transforms the “Vivid Blossoms” bouquet into more than just a gift; it becomes a reflection of heartfelt emotions and sentiments.

As a testament to our commitment to customer satisfaction, the Vivid Blossoms bouquet is meticulously gift-wrapped and accompanied by a personalized greeting card, allowing you to convey your message with heartfelt sincerity. Moreover, we are delighted to offer free flower delivery in Bangkok, ensuring a seamless experience for our new or regular customers. For those residing in neighboring provinces, we provide the convenience of flower delivery for a nominal surcharge.


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