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Flower delivery in Bangkok – flower bouquets and bouquets with an additional gift – is the main and only direction of work of Flowers-Bangkok. This narrow specialization allows us to minimize the time required for each new order and deliver flowers to the recipient in a timely manner. We try to adhere to the policy of minimum prices for bouquets of flowers in Bangkok, and the bonus program of our store allows each customer to save significantly on the delivery of flowers, starting with the second order in Flowers-Bangkok.Bangkok is the largest city in Southeast Asia and is located in a hot tropical climate. Therefore, the cheap delivery of fresh flowers in the capital of Thailand is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. At the same time, our experienced florists with many years of experience and excellent taste always do their job with high quality, creating real works of art from the colors you have chosen. And our courier flower delivery service in Bangkok allows to complete each order at a predetermined time interval.




Despite differences in the cultures of countries of the world, flowers are everywhere one of the best and most universal gifts for any holidays and life situations. And if we are talking about Thailand, then in this country in general there is a real cult of flowers. Therefore, it is customary to give bouquets of flowers here in the presence of an important occasion and just like that – as a sign of love, friendship, gratitude, etc. And if the bouquet of flowers at the same time will be supplemented with a small but pleasant gift, the recipient will be 100% satisfied and happy. We propose to use soft toys as mementos, and chocolate and candies of premium brands as tasty gifts.

Bangkok is a city with an active business life, and this city almost never sleeps. Therefore, flower delivery in Bangkok is often not carried out to the recipients home address, but to his place of work. That is why we always ask you to provide the recipients phone number and the exact delivery address. Only in this case, the delivery will be guaranteed to be delivered on time and free delivery of the flowers may be impossible in some institutions with limited access. You can read more about this on the Delivery (link in the main menu of the online store

Bangkok is the largest metropolis of the region and the area of this city exceeds 1,500 square kilometers (more than 600 square miles). Therefore, a big advantage of our store over many others is the availability of free delivery of a bouquet of flowers in Bangkok. At the same time, traffic jams are often observed in the city and the speed of movement around the city during peak hours is significantly limited. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the delivery of your bouquet in Bangkok to the minute or hour. Especially when it is an urgent order and the courier has few chances to get from the center of Bangkok to the outskirts for a limited time.

For your convenience, we have made it possible to search the site by type of flowers. In the additional menu in the right sidebar (or below this text, if you are using a smartphone or tablet), you can go directly to choosing the colors that interest you. For example, roses, gerberas or orchids. There is also another opportunity to order a cheap delivery of flowers in Bangkok of a certain color. This is convenient when you prefer a bouquet of red, white or pink flowers.

In our online store you can order a bouquet delivery, in which there are flowers of different types and different flowers at the same time. These bouquets take more time to create, so we recommend ordering them a few days before the desired delivery time. We also plan to soon begin delivering flowers in Bangkok in special gift vases and significantly expand the range of bouquets offered for ordering – due to the greater species diversity and options that use additional design elements.

Another important feature of our store is an individual approach to each client. This means that if there is enough time, we are ready to fulfill any of your fantasies about floral bouquets. You are not satisfied with the number of flowers in the bouquets that are offered in the storefront of the online store? Contact us and we will create exactly the bouquet that you want. Do you want to deliver a bouquet in Bangkok of multi-colored roses and add a gift to them? No problems, everything can be discussed and done. Again, if there is enough time before delivery and within our means.

E-mail us at or use the feedback form on the Contacts page in the main menu and we are always ready to discuss the issue of flower delivery in Bangkok. Give friends and loved ones a good mood. And one of the best ways to do it in Bangkok is to order a bouquet of fresh flowers in our store!

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  1. Nathaniel

    I needed to deliver a teddy bear for my girlfriend’s birthday and the Flowers-Bangkok did it quickly and on time (initially I had some concerns). Thank!

    1. Florist

      Thanks for your feedback! We look forward to fulfilling your new orders in the future!

  2. Liam

    I want to thank your flower delivery service in Bangkok for quickly completing my order on the same day and for helping me in the checkout process! Good luck!

    1. Florist

      Thanks for your feedback, Liam! Good luck to you and your Thai girlfriend too!

  3. Dorothy

    Great service! Beautiful bouquet and free delivery in Bangkok

    1. Florist

      Thanks for the kind words, Dorothy!
      We will be happy to complete your new order at any time.

  4. Andrew

    I contacted Flowers-Bangkok with a very specific request and was fortunate enough to have Leo handle my order. I desired an order of 9 pink roses to be delivered on a Tuesday in one the districts of Bangkok. For the occasion of my girlfriend’s birthday. The roses needed to scented. After all, what is the purpose of a beautiful bloom if it is not scented!. When Leo had tailored my order to my request, being very helpful in every email, I then proceeded to the checkout. I experienced much difficulty in making payment and had to try over half a dozen times. This had gotten me very anxious about the whole process and I was having second thoughts. However, through Leo’s calm and professional and welcoming manner he was able to get to the heart of the problem and guided me to the solution. The outcome being that my girlfriend not only received the bouquet on time, on her birthday, but the flowers were even better than pictured. A work of art, so beautifully packaged and presented and bringing happiness to both of us. A special moment thanks to everyone at Flowers-Bangkok. Khaap-khun, Regards, Andrew (UK)

    1. Florist

      Thank you very much for your kind words and such a great feedback, Andrew!

  5. Jeremiah

    Great service! Next time I will choose your store again!

    1. Florist

      Thanks for the feedback! We will be happy to deliver another of your bouquet in Bangkok!

  6. Kevin

    I used this flower delivery service in Bangkok for the first time and I am satisfied with the quality of service and the quality of the bouquet. I used to order bouquets at another flower shop, but even at a discount to a regular customer it was more expensive than here. As for the flowers, my thai girlfriend was very happy to receive them. The bouquet is very bright and festive! In addition, the flowers were actually fresh and kept beautifully in the vase for over a week. Special thanks for the hand-signed greeting card with my special message. Many thanks!

    1. Florist

      We were pleased to read your review and we will be happy to complete your new order at any time. Do not forget to use your coupon code for a discount 🙂

  7. Azid

    Excellent customer service!

    1. Florist

      Thanks for your short but nice comment!

  8. Kelly

    Thank you for the beautiful bouquet! My sister was happy to receive flowers early in the morning on her birthday!

    1. Florist

      We are always happy to fulfill your new order. Thanks for the feedback!

  9. Otto

    Thank you very much for delivering a bouquet to my condo early in the morning! My girlfriend was in the shower when I went down to the lobby to get flowers and chocolates and I was able to make a good surprise for her!

    1. Florist

      Thank you for your feedback and kind words about our service!

  10. Tom

    Thank you for the fast flower delivery under quarantine!

    1. Florist

      Thank you for ordering and your feedback. We really continue to deliver flowers to Bangkok even under quarantine.

  11. Mahmud

    I ordered the bouquet for the second time, as always everything is at the highest level at the lowest price!

    1. Florist

      We are ready to please you and your Thai girl again and again! Thank you for your feedback!

  12. Goodman J.

    Great service and a beautiful bouquet of large roses. I recommend this flower delivery service in Bangkok!

    1. Florist

      Thanks for your feedback, James!
      We will wait for your new order (do not forget to use your discount coupon)

  13. Leszek

    I am grateful for the delivery of the bouquet in the evening and my unique design, which I found on the Internet 🙂

    1. Florist

      Thanks for your feedback. It’s not a problem for us to change the design of the bouquet according to the requirements of any client.

  14. Richard

    Thanks for your great service last week The flowers were lovely and arrived early in time for Lyn to enjoy, including her workmates wishing her a lovely birthday.

    Regards, Richard

    1. Florist

      Thank you so much for the great feedback and kind words, Richard
      We hope to be of service once again soon 🙂

  15. Nick Newman

    Good experience, I recommend this flower delivery store to everyone!

    1. Florist

      Thank you, Nick!

  16. Henry Stone

    This flower shop can be trusted, I recommend it to everyone!

    1. Florist

      Thank you very much for your trust and your kind words, Henry! We will do our best not to disappoint you in the future!

  17. Natasha

    Thank you for the quick order processing and flower delivery on the same day!

    1. Florist

      Thanks so much for your feedback. Natasha! We are ready to fulfill your new order for flower delivery in Bangkok at any time!

  18. Taylor

    The store sent my girlfriend a teddy bear that was smaller than I ordered. But after my message, the store promised to correct the mistake and today my girlfriend actually received a second bear as a gift from the store. Despite some disappointment at the beginning, I am very glad that you corrected the error and I can trust you in the future.

    1. Florist

      Unfortunately, sometimes these kinds of problems happen, for which our partners are responsible. But we recognize our responsibility as well, and we always try to correct all the mistakes and make our customers happy.

  19. Mustafa

    I ordered a bouquet of roses in your store for the second time and I was again convinced that you have the best prices for a flower delivery in Bangkok and actually very beautiful bouquets. Thanks!

    1. Florist

      Thanks for the new feedback, Mustafa. During the next order you can use your personal coupon code again!

  20. Robert

    Thanks for the beautiful roses. It actually looked like premium flowers, fresh and large. My girlfriend was happy!

    1. Florist

      We are always ready to fulfill a new order for flower delivery in Bangkok for your girlfriend!

  21. Boure

    Thank you for the excellent service and your advice before ordering a bouquet.

    1. Florist

      Thank you for ordering and your feedback! We will be happy to complete new flower delivery orders in Bangkok for you

  22. Duncan

    Thanks for the delivery after a late order for Valentine’s Day! I forgot about the time difference and other stores did not want to accept my order!

    1. Florist

      In fact, we also did not accept orders, but your girlfriend lives only a few kilometers from the store and our manager personally delivered a bouquet for her.

  23. Ann

    I would like to inquire about ordering flowers but haven’t received the products yet.

    Thank you.

    1. Florist

      I’m sorry for the late reply!
      95% of all orders were delivered on February 14th, but we were forced to use third-party delivery services on that day. One of these companies failed us very much and several bouquets were not delivered on Valentine’s Day. In such cases, we made a full refund to customers and flower delivery from our store as a gift.

  24. Pim

    Thank you very much for delivering the bouquet for free after I made a mistake with the address

    1. Florist

      The main thing is that we managed to deliver flowers to your sister’s wedding!

  25. Arthur

    Thank you for delivering the bouquet so quickly and sorry for some problems with my payment.

    1. Florist

      You are welcome! We understand the importance of giving a gift on time.

  26. Danny

    Thank you for finding beautiful gerberas with right color for my girlfriend and delivering the bouquet on time!

    1. Florist

      This is our work and we always try to do it with the highest quality.

  27. Gabriel

    Thank you for free flower delivery in Samut Prakan!

    1. Florist

      Yes, usually delivery to this province is paid, but you had a big order, so there is no problem making a discount 🙂

  28. Jean Do

    Thanks for the urgent delivery, I really appreciate that you helped me when there was a problem with the delivery address of the bouquet in Bangkok. The bouquet of 9 red roses was very beautiful!

    1. Florist

      We are glad that we helped you make a gift on a special day!

  29. Massimo

    A very beautiful bouquet of roses and I found the minimum price in your store. Thank you, I will use your service again and again!

    1. Florist

      We will be happy to complete your new order!

  30. Zhìmíng

    I ordered the delivery of roses for the second time in this flower shop and everything was fast and high quality. Special thanks for the discount coupon that I used for the second order and the price of a bouquet of flowers became even lower! I advise everyone to this flower shop in Bangkok.

    1. Florist

      Thanks for your feedback, Adam. We are pleased when our customers come back to us again and again. For us, this means that we are doing everything right and our prices for flower bouquets are still the best in Bangkok.

  31. Gusarov

    A beautiful bouquet and the best price in Thailand, I will contact you again on February 14 🙂

    1. WanLeo

      We are glad that you and your girlfriend are happy!
      We will be happy to complete your new order. We advise you to place an order before February 14th in order to guarantee delivery and get a discount

  32. Wong D.

    Thanks for the fast flower delivery. I will contact you again when I need to add a bouquet of flowers to Bangkok

    1. WanLeo

      You are welcome!

  33. Mason

    Thank you for fulfilling my request and delivering the bouquet very early in the morning! I recommend this flower shop to everyone!

    1. WanLeo

      Thanks for your feedback, Mr. Mason. We try to fulfill all the requests of our customers, if possible.

  34. Ossy

    Thank you for a great bouquet for my girlfriend! And thank you for delivery it at the right time.

    1. WanLeo

      You are welcome! We will be happy to complete your order again!

  35. Artur D.

    Thank you for the beautiful bouquet and good mood of my girlfriend!

    1. WanLeo

      Thanks for the feedback, Mr Artur! We will be happy to complete any your order again.

  36. Henry D

    Thanks for the fast delivery and discount for me. I will be glad to use your services again in the future!

    1. WanLeo

      Thank you for your riview, Henry! We will be happy to fulfill your orders again!

  37. Antony

    Thank you for the fast flower delivery and extra gift you made. It was unexpected, but nice!

    1. WanLeo

      We are glad you liked it 🙂
      We look forward to delivering even more flower delivery in Bangkok for you.

  38. Michael

    I see that you have lower prices than other thai stores. But they are still higher than in Europe or the USA …

    1. WanLeo

      Michael, you are right. This feature of Thailand is explained by the difficulty of storing and delivering fresh flowers in a very hot climate.

  39. Tad

    Why I can not order only 1 rose?

    1. WanLeo

      Due to the complexity of delivering fresh flowers in a hot climate, delivering a single rose for you would not be much cheaper than delivering a beautiful bouquet of 7 roses. Therefore, 1 rose in our store is used to add to the finished bouquets when the customer wants a certain number of flowers in the bouquet.

  40. Adam

    It was a pleasant experience. Thanks for quick delivery!

    1. WanLeo

      Thank you for youк feedback, Adam! We sent a personal discount coupon for the next flower delivery in Bangkok to your email address!

  41. Lewis

    Hello! Can I order a bouquet of 33 red roses in your store? I see that the cost of bouquets of 24 and 9 roses is very high, if i am order both bouquets. I need exactly 33 roses in a one bouquet. Is it possible to get an individual price for such a bouquet? Thanks!

    1. WanLeo

      Hi, Lewis! For such purposes in our flower shop you can use a bouquet of 24 roses + 9×1 red roses. Our florist will make for you one beautiful bouquet of 33 red roses. We remind you that flower delivery in Bangkok will be free for you!

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