2000 THB Money Bouquet + Flowers (2 days)


The money bouquet from Flowers-Bangkok is a charming gift that brings together a vibrant assortment of fresh premium roses in various hues, delicate pink carnations, and neatly arranged 2000 Thai baht in individual transparent packaging. It’s an exquisite and considerate present that beautifully expresses your care. Money bouquets are a popular choice in Thailand for various occasions such as birthdays, expressing gratitude, or offering support. Surprise a Thai girl with a distinctive and meaningful gift by choosing this delightful arrangement. The price includes a lovely gift wrapper with a ribbon, fresh flowers, money, and a greeting card. Explore the gallry of this product to see the actual size of this bouquet.


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Flowers-Bangkok proudly presents an extraordinary money bouquet that captures the essence of beauty and thoughtfulness. Meticulously handcrafted by skilled florists, this breathtaking arrangement showcases a selection of fresh premium roses in enchanting shades like pink, orange, and cream, accompanied by delicate pink carnations. However, the bouquet goes beyond flowers and also features 20 banknotes of 100 Thai baht, elegantly packaged in individual transparent wraps.

Each flower in this bouquet carries a symbolic meaning in the language of flowers. The grand roses symbolize love, admiration, and appreciation, making them perfect for occasions such as birthdays or expressing heartfelt gratitude. Pink carnations signify gratitude and admiration, making them a thoughtful addition to convey support and care.

Creating such a magnificent bouquet requires dedicated time and attention to detail. To ensure the freshness of every flower, we meticulously select and arrange them with utmost care. Consequently, this particular order necessitates a preparation time of two days. We go the extra mile by obtaining fresh banknotes from the bank to ensure the bouquet’s flawless presentation.

For your convenience, Flowers-Bangkok offers its own reliable delivery service. We understand the importance and confidentiality of delivering a money bouquet, which is why we rely on our trusted team and vehicles for this purpose. Rest assured that your bouquet will be handled securely and promptly delivered to its destination. When you wish to send flowers to Bangkok, let Flowers-Bangkok be your dependable partner in creating unforgettable and meaningful gifts. Kindly note that same-day delivery is not available for this order.


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