8000 THB Money Bouquet (2 days)


Flower-money bouquet of red roses and 8,000 Thai baht from the flower shop Flowers-Bangkok. The bouquet uses 9 premium imported roses, seasonal green filler (statice flowers, white gypsophila or others). And the cash gift included in this bouquet is 8 Thai banknotes with a face value of 1000 baht each. Thus, the monetary value of this bouquet is 8,000 baht (about 205 euros or 220 USD). This floral money bouquet includes a colorful gift wrap with ribbon, delivery in Bangkok and a greeting card with your message for the recipient of this colorful and valuable money bouquet.  The original size of the bouquet can be seen in the product gallery and the color of the roses can be changed at the request of the customer.

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In the bustling streets of Bangkok, where tradition intertwines with modernity, there exists a cherished symbol of affection that goes beyond the ordinary bouquet: the Flower-Money Bouquet from Flowers-Bangkok. This exquisite arrangement marries the timeless elegance of nine premium imported red roses with the thoughtful gesture of a cash gift, making it a truly remarkable expression of love and care.

Why are money bouquets so popular in Thailand, you may wonder? It’s because, in Thai culture, money is seen as a form of care, and care, in turn, is synonymous with love. The gesture of presenting a Flower-Money Bouquet transcends mere materialism; it’s a heartfelt expression of affection and goodwill, deeply ingrained in the fabric of Thai society.

To ensure the utmost freshness and elegance of your Flower-Money Bouquet, it’s advisable to place your order in advance. This allows the meticulous florists at Flowers-Bangkok to procure crisp, new banknotes and meticulously craft your bouquet with the utmost care and attention to detail. Plus, scheduling your delivery in advance ensures that your precious gift reaches its intended recipient right on time, allowing for the perfect moment of surprise and delight.

So, when might you consider gifting a Flower-Money Bouquet? The reasons are as diverse as the petals in a garden. Whether celebrating a joyous occasion such as a wedding or a birthday, expressing heartfelt gratitude, or simply letting someone special know they’re cherished, the combination of red roses and monetary blessings makes for an unforgettable gesture. It’s a symbol of love that speaks volumes, transcending language barriers and cultural divides.

In essence, the Flower-Money Bouquet from our flower delivery in bangkok service¬† is more than just a gift; it’s a manifestation of love, care, and prosperity, meticulously crafted to bring joy and warmth to both giver and receiver alike. So, why not brighten someone’s day and make a lasting impression with this delightful fusion of nature’s beauty and heartfelt generosity?


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