Flaming Feelings basket (XXL)

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Flaming Feelings flower basket from Flowers-Bangkok. This is the largest flower basket that our flower shop in Bangkok currently offers. Our florists use a huge number of flowers to create this basket. In the picture you can see classic red roses, pink roses in several shades of color and petal shape, white roses, small bright sunflowers, yellow, orange and pink gerberas, white lilies, pink and red carnations and some other flowers and green leaves for contrast. All this gives the basket an unusually bright and solemn look, making it a truly chic gift for any occasion. You can see the actual size of Flaming Feelings flower basket in additional pictures in the product gallery. Flower delivery in Bangkok is included in the price of the basket, and we will print your personal message in any language on the greeting card from Flowers-Bangkok.

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The “Flaming Feelings” flower basket from Flowers-Bangkok embodies deep symbolism with its vibrant and varied blooms. Each type of flower and its shade carry significant meaning: classic red roses symbolize passionate love, pink roses in their diverse shades and petal shapes signify grace and gratitude, while white roses represent purity and new beginnings. The small, bright sunflowers bring warmth and happiness, yellow, orange, and pink gerberas add cheerfulness, white lilies convey elegance and purity, and pink and red carnations stand for admiration and deep affection.

Creating such a striking and elaborate basket requires exceptional skill and artistry from our florists. The harmonious arrangement of the diverse flowers, both in color and shape, showcases their expertise and attention to detail. The final composition is a testament to the florists’ ability to balance an extensive variety of blooms, ensuring a cohesive and visually stunning display.

While same-day delivery is possible for morning orders, we recommend placing your order 2-3 days in advance to ensure the flower basket closely matches the store picture. Due to the large number of flowers, each basket is unique and may differ slightly from the original image. However, rest assured, every “Flaming Feelings” basket is a grand, bright composition crafted from the freshest flowers, promising to bring joy and celebration to the recipient.

Trust our online flower delivery service in Bangkok to bring you the finest and most exquisite floral gifts, crafted with care and delivered with precision.


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