15000 Money Bouquet (2 days)


Capture your girlfriend’s or wife’s heart by surprising her with an absolutely enchanting present—a money bouquet from Flowers-Bangkok. This stunning floral composition showcases 15 tender lilac roses, each meticulously handcrafted from 30 genuine 500 Thai baht banknotes. These money roses are artistically organized into the form of a heart, evoking profound feelings of love and warmth. To create a striking juxtaposition, the roses are elegantly enveloped by fresh seasonal greens. In Thailand, the custom of bestowing cash bouquets holds deep cultural significance, rendering it a perfect gift for a Thai lady on various occasions like birthdays, acts of appreciation, tokens of support, or sincere apologies. Every single bouquet is prepared with meticulous attention to detail, elegantly packaged with a ribbon, 15,000 baht in crisp banknotes, a lively green filler, and a personal greeting card. This distinctive and captivating gift choice guarantees you the creation of an unforgettable moment filled with joy and surprise.

500 THB DISCOUNT possible when paying by direct bank transfer

It is possible to make a similar bouquet with larger cash roses (each rose of 4 banknotes). Then the total amount of money in the bouquet will be 30,000 baht.

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Within the realm of Thai customs, cash gifts extend far beyond mere monetary value; they symbolize a deep thoughtfulness for the recipient. At Flowers-Bangkok, we elevate this tradition to a new echelon through our exceptional money bouquet. This artistic masterpiece is the result of meticulous craftsmanship, presenting 15 beguiling lilac roses, each intricately hand-fashioned from two 500 Thai baht banknotes—culminating in an arrangement of 15 vibrant money roses. The bouquet is thoughtfully structured in the shape of a heart, a profound representation of your affection and dedication.

The creation of this extraordinary bouquet demands substantial time and effort. We try to find the newest 500 THB banknotes, totaling 30, ensuring each petal exudes the crispness of the currency. Our adept florists devote hours to deftly folding and arranging each banknote, infusing the bouquet with an element of artistry and elegance that renders it a truly distinct gift.

Beyond its monetary value, surpassing $400, this awe-inspiring money bouquet encapsulates your sincere concern and regard for the recipient. The substantial sum of money showcased in this arrangement underscores your intention to provide support and ensure their happiness. It serves as a tangible manifestation of your devotion and a splendid method to commemorate significant milestones or convey heartfelt appreciation.

To ensure the bouquet arrives immaculately and in a timely manner, we kindly request a lead time of 48 hours. Each bouquet is meticulously ensconced in an exquisite wrapping, adorned with an elegant ribbon. Our dedicated team guarantees secure transportation, utilizing our private vehicle to assure utmost confidentiality. Furthermore, we include a deeply heartfelt personalized greeting card, allowing you to articulate your emotions with a personal touch.

Presenting a money bouquet from our flower shop in Bangkok signifies an unforgettable experience, destined to leave an enduring impression. Embrace this cherished Thai tradition and orchestrate an extraordinary day for your beloved that will be nothing short of remarkable.


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