25 Money Roses – 10 000 THB (2 Days)


Celebrate the beauty of Thai currency with our exquisite bouquet of 25 large money roses from Flowers-Bangkok. Each intricate rose is meticulously handcrafted from four banknotes and elegantly mounted on a unique stem, while natural green filler enhances the bouquet’s lushness and contrast. Due to the meticulous process of creating these large money roses, we kindly request orders to be placed at least two days in advance of delivery. Enjoy the added convenience of complimentary delivery within Bangkok, and for even greater savings, opt for direct bank transfer payment to receive a 500 baht discount per bouquet.

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Celebrate special occasions with an extraordinary gift that leaves a lasting impression. Our Money Bouquet features a breathtaking arrangement of 25 intricately crafted pink-red roses, each meticulously handcrafted from 100 meticulously folded 100 THB banknotes. This unique creation embodies elegance, thoughtfulness, and the charm of a generous gift, with a total cash value of 10,000 baht.

Crafting these exceptional roses is a labor of love, as each rose comprises four delicately folded banknotes and demands meticulous attention to detail. To ensure the utmost quality and precision, we kindly request that you place your order for this bouquet at least two days prior to the desired delivery date. Due to the distinctive nature and high value of the Money Bouquet, we provide VIP delivery services tailored to your specific location in Bangkok or nearby provinces. Consequently, the cost of this extraordinary bouquet will be unique to each order, reflecting the personalized service we offer.

By choosing our Money Bouquet, you’re not only gifting your loved ones in Bangkok a symbol of your affection but also a truly luxurious and versatile present. You have the option to blend the allure of money roses with natural roses in a variety of shades. Simply add the desired number of natural roses to your cart and leave a note specifying your preference for a mixed bouquet of money and natural roses. Celebrate your cherished moments with a gift that speaks volumes – our Money Bouquet. A symbol of elegance, care, and thoughtfulness, it’s the perfect choice for those looking to make an unforgettable impression on their loved ones. Order now and let us create a masterpiece that will leave a lasting memory.


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