30 Red Roses (Valentine’s day)


30 premium red roses from Flowers-Bangkok. In the language of flowers, 30 roses symbolize the strength of your feelings and the strength of your love. Our florist will create a large beautiful bouquet in a festive wrapper with a bright ribbon from 30 fresh red roses with large buds and long stems, as well as seasonal green filler. During the checkout process, you can add your message for the greeting card. Delivery of a bouquet of 30 red roses on any day from 11 to 16 February.

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Embark on a grand symphony of love with Flowers-Bangkok’s exceptional Valentine’s Bouquet boasting 30 Premium Red Roses. This opulent arrangement goes beyond the ordinary, symbolizing not just love but the profound strength of emotions. Choosing 30 roses is a bold declaration, expressing the sheer abundance of passion and love you desire to convey on Valentine’s Day.

Our skilled artisans weave a visual masterpiece using imported roses, each stem showcasing an impressive length of 60 or 90 cm (2 option). The larger, more resplendent buds on the 90 cm stems elevate this bouquet to unparalleled sophistication. Meticulously chosen for premium quality, these roses embody Flowers-Bangkok’s commitment to delivering an unmatched gifting experience.

Breaking free from tradition, this 30-red rose bouquet is a versatile emblem of love, suitable for both men and women. It defies conventions, making it a perfect gift for anyone deserving of a lavish expression of affection. Amidst the checkout process, seize the opportunity to infuse your personal touch by adding a heartfelt message for the accompanying greeting card, transforming this already extraordinary gift into a unique and unforgettable token of love. Flower delivery in Bangkok is possible from February 11 to 16.

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60 cm (23 in), 90 cm (35 in)


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