50 Red Roses (Valentine’s day)


50 Premium Red Roses from Flowers-Bangkok. This is a special bouquet of love for a special person. A bouquet of 50 red roses is not only a symbol of great love and ardent passion, but also a symbol of your serious intentions. Fresh imported premium roses with large buds and long stems are used for a bouquet of 50 red roses. Our florist will add seasonal green filler to 50 red roses and decorate this large bouquet with special craft paper and bright ribbon. To this bouquet of 50 red roses we will add a box of Lindor Lindt chocolates in the shape of a red heart – a great Valentine’s Day gift. During the checkout process, you can add your message for the greeting card. Delivery of a bouquet of 50 premium red roses on any day from 11 to 15 February (please, indicate the delivery day in the calendar below).


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In the realm of romance, few gestures echo the depth of passion and adoration like the timeless gift of red roses. As Valentine’s Day approaches, amidst the flurry of affectionate sentiments exchanged, one offering stands out in its grandeur and symbolism: a lavish bouquet comprising fifty resplendent red roses. At Flowers-Bangkok, we understand the significance of this gesture, crafting a masterpiece that transcends mere floral arrangement to embody an expression of profound love and admiration.

Red roses have long been heralded as the quintessential symbol of love, their crimson petals imbued with meanings as rich as their hue. Each rose in this opulent bouquet represents a cherished moment, a whispered vow, or a heartfelt sentiment shared between two souls intertwined in love’s embrace. Together, they form a symphony of passion, a visual testament to the depth of emotion that binds hearts together.

The choice of fifty roses for Valentine’s Day is steeped in significance. It represents not just a token of affection, but a declaration of unwavering devotion and commitment. With each bloom, the message grows louder, proclaiming love in its purest form. Fifty roses signify a love that knows no bounds, a love that flourishes and endures through every trial and triumph.

Traditionally associated with expressions of love from man to woman, this grand bouquet transcends gender norms, offering a gesture of romance and admiration that knows no boundaries. Whether presented to a beloved man or woman, the message remains the same: “You are cherished, you are adored.” In a world where love knows no limits, neither should the gestures that convey it.

At Flowers-Bangkok, we spare no effort in sourcing the finest blooms for our clientele. Each rose in this magnificent bouquet is handpicked for its size, beauty, and fragrance, sourced from renowned growers around the world. These imported roses boast a luxurious allure, their velvety petals a testament to nature’s artistry.

To ensure the seamless conveyance of your affection, Flowers-Bangkok offers complimentary flower delivery in Bangkok city limits. Additionally, for those residing in the suburbs of Bangkok or neighboring provinces, our delivery service extends its reach, ensuring that your heartfelt gift reaches its intended recipient without delay. With delivery options available from February 11th to 16th, we accommodate your schedule, allowing you to celebrate love in all its splendor.

In the language of flowers, the bouquet of fifty red roses speaks volumes, weaving a narrative of love and devotion that transcends words. At Flowers-Bangkok, we invite you to embrace this timeless tradition, to express your love with a flourish that captivates the senses and touches the heart. This Valentine’s Day, let your love bloom in the radiant splendor of fifty red roses.


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