Marry Me flower box


“Marry Me” flower box from the flower shop Flowers-Bangkok. This is a vibrant flower box containing 15 gorgeous red roses. The name of the box is not accidental: in the central part between the flowers there is a special holder for a small box with a ring. But you can order this magnificent box from Flowers-Bangkok without such a solemn occasion as a marriage proposal, but simply to make a pleasant surprise for your beloved girl. Delivery in Bangkok and a greeting card are included in the price.

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Introducing the “Marry Me” Flower Box from Flowers-Bangkok, a stunning declaration of love captured in a vibrant arrangement of 15 exquisite red roses. Each imported rose, carefully selected, boasts unparalleled beauty and freshness, reflecting the highest standards of floral craftsmanship. Our dedicated florists pour their expertise and passion into every arrangement, ensuring that each bloom is artfully arranged to convey the depth of emotion behind the gesture.

Red roses, universally revered as the quintessential symbol of love and romance, speak volumes in the language of flowers. Their rich hue embodies passion, desire, and enduring affection, making them the perfect choice for expressing heartfelt sentiments to a beloved partner. With the “Marry Me” Flower Box, every petal whispers tales of devotion, promising a lifetime of love and companionship.

Beyond its symbolic significance, the “Marry Me” Flower Box offers practicality and convenience for both the giver and recipient. Nestled within the elegantly designed box, the roses require no vase, simplifying the display process and allowing the recipient to enjoy their beauty immediately. The innovative inclusion of a special holder for a ring box adds an extra layer of enchantment, transforming the gift into a cherished keepsake of a momentous occasion or a delightful surprise for any day.

With complimentary delivery in Bangkok, spreading joy has never been easier. For those in neighboring provinces and suburbs, we offer expedited delivery for a small extra fee, ensuring that love knows no bounds. Each delivery is accompanied by a personalized greeting card, allowing you to convey your heartfelt message with eloquence and grace.

Choose the “Marry Me” Flower Box from Flowers-Bangkok flower shop to celebrate love in its purest form. With its breathtaking beauty, enduring freshness, and thoughtful design, this exquisite arrangement is destined to leave a lasting impression on the heart of your beloved.


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