Enchanted Elegance bouquet

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Enchanted Elegance bouquet from Flowers-Bangkok. Another large and bright bouquet from our flower shop in the center of Bangkok. Created with 40 roses (20 pink roses + 20 orange roses) with the addition of bright pink carnations and white baby’s breath (or other similar complementary flowers), this bouquet is designed to bring joy and happiness to your beloved girlfriend or wife and show how you are love and appreciate her. In addition to flowers, the price of the bouquet includes a special light-colored gift wrapping and a greeting card on which we will print your personal message (in any language). We recommend ordering this large bouquet for delivery the next day or later.

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If you want to order something very bright and original, we presenting the “Enchanted Elegance” bouquet, exclusively curated by Flowers-Bangkok, the epitome of floral sophistication nestled in the bustling heart of Bangkok, Thailand. Elevate every cherished moment with this exquisite arrangement tailored for your beloved. This opulent bouquet features a stunning ensemble of 40 roses, meticulously handpicked to create a harmonious fusion of 20 vibrant orange and 20 delicate pink blooms. Paired with enchanting pink carnations and ethereal white gypsophila, each flower conveys sentiments of adoration and tenderness, symbolizing the depth of your affection in a unique and captivating manner.

In our flower shop in Bangkok we take pride that we always selecting the freshest blooms from across the globe, ensuring unparalleled quality and longevity. With complimentary delivery within Bangkok and optional delivery to neighboring provinces at a nominal fee (from 179 to 249 baht), we bring floral elegance to your doorstep with unparalleled convenience in a day and time you want. Wrapped in luxurious gift packaging, the “Enchanted Elegance” bouquet is a masterpiece of floral opulence. Crafted by our skilled artisans, each rose’s stem is a testament to their dedication to perfection, promising to captivate and enchant at every glance.

More than a mere bouquet, it’s a symphony of love, a tribute to unwavering devotion. Its grandeur and elegance are poised to mesmerize, serving as a captivating centerpiece at any celebration. Make every cherished moment unforgettable with the “Enchanted Elegance” bouquet from Flowers-Bangkok. Let the vibrant hues and unmatched artistry of our florists echo the depths of your affection. Trust our flower delivery in Bangkok service to transform ordinary moments into extraordinary memories with our unparalleled floral creations, meticulously tailored for those you hold dear.


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