Pink Talisman flower box

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Pink Talisman flower box from Flowers-Bangkok. This not very big but very beautiful round flower box contains gorgeous fresh pink flowers: lilies, roses and carnations. And for contrast, a blue hydrangea in the center, a bit of white gypsophila and some other flowers were added to the center. To preserve the freshness of flowers for a long time and ease of flower care, a special floral sponge is added to the box. The Pink Talisman flower box price includes a box with ribbon, a personalized greeting card with your message, and delivery of this floral gift within Bangkok. You can see the actual size of the flower box in the additional picture in the gallery of this product.

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The enchanting Pink Talisman flower box from Flowers-Bangkok, a captivating ensemble of delicate pink blooms meticulously arranged to convey heartfelt sentiments. Perfectly suited for a variety of occasions, this compact yet exquisite round flower box is a testament to elegance and affection. At its heart lies a radiant blue hydrangea, symbolizing gratitude and heartfelt emotion, encircled by a mesmerizing array of lilies, roses, and carnations in varying shades of pink. Accentuated with touches of ethereal white gypsophila and other complementary blossoms, each petal exudes a sense of grace and tenderness.

Our professuional florists have expertly incorporated a special floral sponge within the box, ensuring prolonged freshness and effortless flower care. Simply replenish with water to sustain the vibrancy of these blooms for days on end. Crafted to delight, the Pink Talisman flower box transcends mere gift-giving, serving as a heartfelt expression of admiration and affection. Whether bestowed upon a cherished friend, a beloved sister, or a significant other with a penchant for pink blooms, its timeless allure never fails to captivate.

At Flowers-Bangkok, we take pride in sourcing only the freshest blooms, guaranteeing a sensory experience like no other. With our convenient flower delivery service in Bangkok, sending floral expressions of love and appreciation has never been easier. Plus, for added convenience, opt for same-day delivery when you place your order before 14:00. Experience the magic of Flowers-Bangkok and let your emotions bloom with every exquisite petal. Trust in us to deliver your sentiments with beauty and grace of our flower box.


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