Top 5 Gifts for a Thai Girlfriend or Wife

Like all women in the world, Thai girls and women are very fond of receiving gifts. But due to some differences in cultures, you may wonder: what to give your Thai girlfriend or wife? Most often, such questions arise in men before Valentine’s Day, before the girl’s birthday, or during other holidays traditional for Thailand and the whole world, including Christmas and New Year. In this article you will find information about the TOP 5 most popular and desired gifts for Thai girls and women, which you can give in honor of some important event or just to show your tender feelings.

1. Flower bouquets for Thai girls

Bouquet of flowers – one of the best present for thai girlfriend

Thailand has a true cult of flowers and every major city in the country has flower markets where tons of fresh flowers are sold every day. Most of the flowers in Thailand are used for religious purposes. However, your Thai girlfriend or wife will be happy to receive a bright bouquet of fresh roses or other flowers from you. it is customary to give bouquets of flowers in Thailand not only to loved ones, but also to parents, relatives, teachers, the boss, etc. Of course, not all bouquets of flowers are equally well suited for any occasion and there are some features. The easiest choice is with bouquets of fresh roses, which have the same meaning as in the whole world. To make it easier for you to understand which bouquet of roses or other flowers to give to your beloved girl or Thai wife, in the description of the bouquets we add information about what feelings or emotions a particular bouquet shows.

If we talk about the number of flowers, then Thai girls and women prefer large bouquets. That is why even in bouquets of 7-9 roses, our florists always add green leaves and some other seasonal flowers. This allows you to make each bouquet more and this is what Thai women like. It is important that the bouquet of flowers has a presentable appearance, so we always use a modern bright wrapper for a bouquet and a contrasting ribbon. Even the most beautiful bouquet will delight your Thai girl and woman only a few days. Therefore, any Thai girl or woman will be happy if you add an additional gift with a long shelf life to the bouquet of fresh flowers.  As a rule, the average cost of flower bouquets with delivery in Thailand is about 1,600 baht. In our store you can order bouquets of premium roses from 1090 THB with free delivery in Bangkok.

2. Teddy bears and other soft toys

Teddy bear – popular gift for thai girlfriend in any age

This may seem strange to Westerners, but even after 40 years, Thai women are very fond of receiving big soft toys as a present. In the first place in popularity are teddy bears, which can be of different colors. Even if your Thai girl already has 2 or 3 teddy bears, she will be sincerely glad to get another one and add it to her collection. As a rule, Thai women are not very tall, but they adore huge bears – from 1 meter and more. Therefore, a large teddy bear is a universal gift for all Thai women from 3 to 60 years old. Plush elephants, tigers, monkeys, rabbits and other animals, including unicorns, can also be given as gifts. Also, residents of Thailand have a real love for bright stuffed pillows. Pillows in the form of a heart with symbolic words on the surface are especially popular.

The love of Thai girls and women for such soft gifts is due to the fact that this is a very long-term gift. And to some extent, he will always be associated with the person who gave it. Therefore, if you want your feelings to be remembered for a very long time, give your beloved Thai girl a big soft toy. Together with a beautiful bouquet of flowers or as a separate gift for any occasion or without it. You can order a teddy bear as a gift for a Thai girl with delivery throughout Thailand in our store. As a rule, the average cost of big teddy bears in Thailand is 1000-1200 baht (in retail). In our store you can order large teddy bears at a price of 760 to 1000 THB with free delivery in Bangkok and throughout Thailand.

3. Chocolate and sweets

Chocolate candies – a great addition to bouquets of flowers

For a long time, the inhabitants of Thailand did not share the Europeans’ love for chocolate and products from it. But in the 21st century, Thais joined the fans of chocolate and every year the amount of chocolate that is consumed in the country is constantly growing. In Thailand, there are still no in-house producers of high-quality chocolate, so the brands that are known all over the world are most popular here: Raffaello, Tobleron, Ferrero Rocher, etc. As a sweet gift, you can give pure chocolate and chocolate sweets in a beautiful package. Classic milk chocolate is usually too sweet for the people of Thailand, so it’s better to give dark chocolate or chocolate sweets from various varieties of chocolates with nut or other filling – from 390 baht with delivery in our store.

A feature of Thai culture is the constant pursuit of respect from other people. Therefore, a Thai woman will be glad when, along with a bright bouquet of flowers, she receives a beautiful package of chocolates and can treat them to her colleagues. It may seem funny to you, but in this way not only she, but to a greater extent it is you who will receive respect from her friends and colleagues. This may not be important to you, but your girlfriend will be proud of you. Indeed, the manifestation of generosity is one of the fundamental principles of Thai culture and relations between people. In the same category of edible gifts, you can add other sweets that your girlfriend or Thai wife prefers: fresh or dried fruits, favorite snacks, etc.

4. Gold jewelry

Thai girls prefer massive gold jewelry

The seriousness of your intentions regarding a Thai girl is most easily demonstrated by purchasing gold items. And it doesn’t have to be a ring at all. Any Thai woman will be happy if you buy her a bracelet, earrings or a chain with a pendant. Unlike flowers, soft toys and chocolate, which you can order with delivery, it is better to entrust the choice of a gift from gold directly to your Thai girlfriend. Then you will be sure that the gift will be 100% successful. However, you can always give an expensive gift in the form of massive bracelets. Indeed, yellow Thai gold is of a very high standard and it can be resold with almost no loss in price.

Thai women prefer Thai gold jewelry, which contains the maximum amount of precious metal and a minimum of impurities. The cost of 1 gram of gold in Thailand may seem very attractive to you, but you should remember that your Thai wife or girl will prefer to choose a thick gold bracelet or a massive chain, the cost of which can be high even by Western standards. Therefore, the choice of gold as a gift is appropriate in cases where you are confident in your feelings and look forward to a long-term relationship. It is for this reason that gold products are often presented at the time of the engagement or before the wedding. The cheapest gold ring costs in Thailand from 3000 THB. The cost of gold bracelets is from 15,000 THB.

5. Money and your concern

50 Money Roses bouquet
50 Money Roses bouquet

Money is a good present in all countries of the world and Thailand is no exception. Cash gifts will be gladly received by your girlfriend or wife on her birthday, anniversary, and on the occasion of another important event in her life. Do not worry about the fact that a cash gift will be misunderstood by your Thai girlfriend or wife. They will never think that you are buying them. Quite the contrary. Money will be accepted as a gift with great gratitude, because money in Thailand is almost a synonym for the word “care”. And caring in Thailand is the most important sign of love! Therefore, your concern for a Thai girl or wife is a reliable foundation for a long and happy relationship. You can make a bank transfer, but there is another original and beautiful gift – a money bouquet. You can order special bouquets from Thai banknotes in our flower shop. The most popular are the 100 Thai baht notes, because they are pink and the flowers are the brightest from them. It takes 2 banknotes to create one flower, and money flowers can be combined with natural flowers in one bouquet. If in any case you are embarrassed by a gift in the form of cash, you can show your concern in another way. For example, you can pay the rent of your girlfriend’s apartment or pay off the monthly fee for a car bought on credit.

Thus, with some exceptions, Thai girls and Thai wives prefer the same gifts as Western women. If you are at the initial stage of your relationship, it is better to give not too expensive, but a romantic gift: a beautiful bouquet of fresh roses, a large soft toy or a stuffed pillow, sweets or favorite fruits. If your relationship went further, then in addition to a romantic gift, your girlfriend will expect your support. And you can show your concern not only with the help of cash gifts, but also by providing real assistance in solving the life problems of your chosen one. Feel free to ask what worries her and find ways by which you can help and support your Thai woman. And this will be the best gift for her. Good luck!

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